What was the First VR /AR Game?

The first VR simulator in history was recreational, and it was invented in the late ‘ the 50s.

Although today we are used to talking about virtual reality, augmented and mixed, there was a time when all this was pure science fiction. There were also pioneers who challenged time as Morton Heilig, who in the late 1950s designed what would become the first machine to fit the definition of virtual reality.

Virtual reality games

Even though sometimes the technologies related to the creation of platforms of virtual reality may be somewhat fanciful, as the outputs of a science fiction movie. It is certain that at present any person in your home, using the elements of necessary hardware and software, you can enjoy the fantastic possibilities offered by virtual reality, for example using the popular virtual reality game.

Generally speaking, when we talk about virtual reality games, we refer to those video games where the user can experience being within a three-dimensional environment, and at the same time manage to interact with that environment during the game.

It is important to note that virtual reality, as we know it today through the virtual reality game, had its beginning in the year 2010 with the creation of the prototype device of virtual reality. Over time, it would become the Oculus Rift, and in this way would arise from different projects to be able to market it.

From there began to emerge various companies creating devices for virtual reality, as is the case with the HTC Vive and the lenses Sony’s PlayStation VR and Samsung, as well as of course the economical choice that gives us today Google with its cardboard.

At the same time, hundreds and hundreds of developers have spent the last few years creating virtual reality applications and games, creating a market that grows exponentially, due to the high demand registered by users who like to enjoy virtual reality games.

At this point, it is essential to mention that if we want to use a virtual reality game, before choosing the game in question, we must bear in mind that we will need several elements to do so. In this respect, the most important object to be able to use a virtual reality game is the virtual reality lens or gaffe.

In addition to this, we will need a computer, tablet, or smartphone that has the support and can be connected to the device mentioned above, that is to say to virtual reality lenses.

It should be noted that to obtain a genuinely satisfying immersion experience; we will need in addition to a good quality headset, with which to appreciate the sounds that are played in the virtual reality game.

There are also several other devices that allow users to achieve an excellent experience of immersion in virtual reality, such as hand controllers, sensors and so on, which are ultimately optional accessories but all together provide an incredible experience.

However, before purchasing any of the virtual reality devices available on the market, it is advised that in principle we ensure that such equipment is compatible with the computer, tablet or smartphone that we are going to use, as well as with the system.