New VR Technology, Best Games, Uses in Science

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Latest News from VR Industry

Getting the newest info on the new VR technology can be hard, especially with so many VR blogs and newsfeeds out there. It seems that you need to spend hours and even days on being up to date with the news. However, that doesn’t have to be so hard, as our VR blog shares the most important news in this field.

For instance, we are happy to share the newest VR technology info that is being used for scientific research on the Arctic.

Also, it is very exciting to hear that PlayStation VR 2 might be running the future of Gran Turismo, making the world of entertainment even more and more challenging.

All in all, we assure you, our VR blog has the ultimate news-feed on VR news, and we encourage you to stay tuned for more and updated VR blog news.

What is VR and its Origins

You’d be surprised that the history of VR dates back in 1838, which was the year when the stereoscope was invented by Charles Wheatstone. Using this technology, he created a 3D image for the viewer, using 2 different pictures for the eyes. Ever since then, based on this technology, the VR tech developed and evolved into what we have to day.

Today, the VR technology has found multiple purposes, including scientific research. We have consumer headsets like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive that are reimagining the interface of gamers and designers.

Moreover, the VR headsets and VR technology has found its way on many business models, as this is one way that the businesses use to train employees, market new products and develop them into further stages.

Best Virtual Reality Games

Considering that the virtual reality as a technology has had a great impact on the day-to-day lives, it is only reasonable why it affected the traditional entertainment. This is why, today we have a lot of amazing, ground breaking PC and mobile VR games. The most popular and top rated games that are famous are names like The Climb, The Lab, Space Junkies, and the Tetris Effect.

However, it also seems that the biggest entertainment industry in this field has kept track with the trends, and this is why we have VR online casino websites offering thousands of online poker, roulette blackjack slot games and other best-developed casino games that give you a chance to take up VR gambling and win real money in return.

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VR Practical Uses in Science

As we mentioned before in our VR blog, this tech can be used for entertainment purposes, but it has a significant role in science as well. Specifically, VR has a practical use in science in regards of military and safety purposes. Also, the trend goes in science that it is used for construction, engineering, telecommunications and even scientific visualization and healthcare.

For more fun parts, the VR tech is also used in entertainment, media, film, business and even fashion, making this more convenient for the artists and production managers.

All in all, it is yet to see where else would VR find a practical use, especially considering that this technology is still evolving and there is a lot yet to be seen from it.

What You Need to Use VR?

In order to use new VR technology properly, you need to have the proper equipment to do so. Besides having a VR headset which is a must, your phone or computer must be compatible with VR technology. This can vary in different cases, so when you are shopping for VR equipment, make sure to go over this with your salesperson for each individual unit.