VW Combi Van HD Desktop Wallpapers Volkswagen Hippie Bus

I have an obsession with combi vans and love the ive been everywhere man saying. My house has all different pieces all over from vw hippie bus lamps, wall hangings. wind chimes etc. So here’s a bunch of personal favourite volkswagen kombi van desktop wallpapers some are hd as well. I love the second and second last ones with the beach in the background, most of these are higher that full hd itself.

It could have peace signs, one color, two colors, a retractable roof or even a pop out bbq or anex, they are just a great vehicle however they are designed. They always say they dont make them like they used to and that couldn’t be more true than with the vw kombi type vehicle of today, they just dont have the appeal of what they used to have back in the past with their classic memorable design. Its the high definition wallpapers you are here to see so set a kombi van wallpaper for your desktop today and get your hippie on.

Theres a great facebook page thats all about awesome combis that actually chared our page one time (agreed to when i asked) so im returning the favour and telling you guys about their wonderful combi page on facebook. Be sure to check them out, at the time of writing this they have about 250k likers.

On the beach
Art picture
Volkswagen red and white
Green camper
Mechano Camper
Volkswagen Cake
Scooby Doo Mystery Machine