Very Funny Pics of Cats and Photo Desktop Wallpapers

So ive put together this selection of very funny pics of these guys to use as photo desktop wallpapers on your desktop or tablet. Some of the funniest cat photos are the skateboard and doing weights ones in my opinion, they just crack me up every time i see them 🙂 So get them on your pc, phone or tablet and make someone crack up over these cute and funny feline pics. Set these cute fury pictures as your facebook timeline covers or profile picture for everyone to see and share around with everyone who likes these purring creatures.

Meow, meows everywhere doing funny things like pretending to be a sausage roll and riding a skateboard. They are so cute and they do some weird things like try and get up really high like on fans and rooftops. So if you like them like i do then get some funny cat wallpapers going on your desktop.