The Avengers Wallpapers For Desktop 1920×1080 Movie Backgrounds

The first movie took the world by storm and is loved by comic book fans worldwide and also non comic fans too. that’s why i bring you these avengers wallpapers for desktop in full hd 1920×1080 for fans of the movie and the comics. Whether its the black widow, captain america, the hulk, nick fury, thor or just the marvel classics you like, you will enjoy these backgrounds.

Everybody including myself can’t wait for the next movie, im hoping its even better then the original film from 2012. Spiderman is my favorite marvel movie both the film and cartoon series i used to watch on tv The angry birds avengers wallpaper is both funny and clever, combining them both has created an almost believable desktop image.

Everyone loves a team of heros, especially those with super powers or strength like those in the avengers. I remember many years ago when the first spider man movie came out at the cinemas, from then on its been one marvel movie after another.

Since then weve had the age of ultron back in 2015 which was good but could have been better and thats reflected in the ratings of rotten tomatoes, imdb and metacritic. Meta ofcourse giving the lowest rating of all three mentioned above.

At the end of the day theres millions of fans for the marvel franchise covering many superheros and it doesnt seem like going away anytime soon. not that im wanting it to. Theres 14 hd avengers wallpapers for you here with a bit from the cartoon series and the real life movies as well.