Sony Ericsson Bravia Mobile Phone SO903iTV Review

Our Sony Ericsson Bravia SO903iTV Review, Yes I know what your thinking “as if” well im ashamed to only find this out right now seeing that im a huge mobile phone enthusiast. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Sony Bravia series of tv’s then ill fill you in. The Sony Bravia range of tv’s are probably the best most clearest and stylish tv’s ever made by any company. Only few companies have ever made an equal. Now. The Sony Ericsson Bravia SO903iTV mobile phone will hopefully live up to the Bravia’s reputation with quality. As you can see the Sony Ericsson Bravia mobile phone looks fair enough (could be better) but this baby is loaded.

Features Of The Sony Ericsson Bravia SO903iTV Cell Phone

The SO903iTV has a sharp 3 inch widescreen LCD display which is powered by the mobile Bravia engine which was created by both Sony and Sony Ericsson specifically for the mobile Bravia phone.  The LCD screen resolution is 240×432 which is much larger than most modern cell phones. It even looks like a tv seeing that the LCD display has a black acrylic border and the 16:9 wide screen aspect ratio. It even allows you to record live television directly onto a Micro SD card and do with as you wish. Weird for Sony Ericsson to be using the Micro SD seeing they usually use the m2 (Memory Stick Micro). With a screen as beautiful as that it’s a shame Sony and Sony Ericsson only decided to shove in a 2mpx camera. The phone has GPS and support for cashless payment felica, which I think will eventually roll into every mobile phone soon anyway. During our sony ericsson bravia review we have found out many interesting things. Some things only seen in a few select mobile phones world wide.

The Sony Ericsson Bravia measures in at 111x50x19.5 and weighs 130 Grams. The Bravia will be available in white, black and red colours. Sorry to have to say that its for Japan only but when did that ever stop a company wanting to make more profits.