Samsung galaxy s6 wallpapers 1440×2560 quad hd

Like any other quality 1440×2560 quad hd device the samsung galaxy s6 wallpapers look absolutely stunning when viewed on the right screen. What you will notice is that these 1440×2560 wallpapers are very large when opened on our pc at 100%, when viewed on the s6 they will blow you away with their sharpness and clarity. It also makes no difference with brands running a nokia, lg, apple or sony are all the same when it comes to images and its only the pixel width and height that is important.

Any image can be used as a background picture on a handset but the best results will be achieved by using an image at the phones native resolution. Os is irrelevant when it comes to backgrounds, it makes no difference whether you run ios, android or something else.

Full hd is quickly becoming a thing of the past and the old 1080p will soon be replaced on most high end cell phones with the new 1440p.

Samsung galaxy s6 wallpapers below are:

adventure time
abstract wave
abstract color
cute cartoon
cute birds
circle colors
christmas bells
bright colors