Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Wallpapers 1440×2560 Quad HD

Samsung galaxy note 4 wallpapers are here and they pack some serious quality in those pixels. Full hd has been exceeded and 1440×2560 quad hd mobile wallpapers for samsung galaxy note 4 are the newest thing in terms of high definition phone screens. Not to be confused with qhd which is a quarter of the hd resolution which is far smaller and noticeable from a mile away. 1440×2560 wallpapers pack a massive punch when viewed on the right device, in this case the quad hd galaxy note 4 in all its sharp glory for viewing images, photos and pics.

Remember you can also use these as graphics for lock screens or for when a particular person calls (cropping likely required). Device model, nokia, lg, sony or google cell phones make no difference when backgrounds are concerned as don’t ios or android handsets.

Samsung galaxy note 4 wallpapers below are:

windows logo
spider web
smoke equalizer
purple hearts 3d
pink paint splash
bird of paradise