Monsters inc Backgrounds and Monsters University Wallpapers hd

Both movies have always been one of my favorite animated movies of all time from pixar and now there is monsters university. that’s why ive put together a bunch of hd monsters inc desktop wallpapers for you guys who like them both like i do. Whether you like mike (mikey), sully, boo or any of the new characters from the new movie then you will like these two films. These are in full hd resolution so will look great on your computer or laptop desktop screen

We really need a MI 3 movie soon with more sully boo and mike wazowski antics. Just keep it to the theme of doors and stuff. I find myself using quotes from the first film quite a lot especially youre stunned silence is very reassuring. One of my favorite parts is when they meet the abominable snowman and he makes snow cones and mike is trying to keep his ears warm.