Funny Memes Nutella Cat Dog

Someone’s pretty exited about their mom buying nutella, the cat loves the thriller moves and a few more funny memes. Those swimmer guys might not be so lean for much longer if they don’t calm their nutella urges soon because there are giant nutella jars out there now. The thriller cat makes me think of single ladies by beyonce, i can so see that cat dancing to that song. If you’re going to fall then make sure you fall with style. No that’s not a toy story joke there, just do a good job at falling. That wifi guys probably going to meet up with his bluetooth and usb buddies. Maybe their meeting at the lego fortress with nutella and the thriller cat who knows.

There are tons and tons of mobile apps out there for making memes these days. Most come with your standard meme images built in like peter parker crying, xibit laughing or that guy with the smoke in his mouth whos always doing nice things. Ofcourse you can easily add your own picture then put the text over the top etc. Its very easy and thats why memes have gone crazy popular because they are very easy to make.

Funny memes above are:

So cold the ghost is frozen
unicorns and drugs
dog freaked out about a cute sheep
cute dogs kissing face
cute cat sees your home early
someone’s being funny with a wet floor sign
seagull breaking the law