Funny Gordon Ramsey Memes

I love watching gordon ramsay shows and hearing him lose his shhh at chefs. So i thought id put up some gordon ramsay insult memes for you guys. Even if your not a fan of gordon you will still find the insults funny at least. If your searching for memes you will find a lot of ramsay ones come up here and there because they are really clever. I cant understand how so many of these so called chefs are making so many dangerous mistakes like not cooking chicken thoroughly enough or over cooking dishes.

If you cant stand the memes then stay out of the kitchen, where theyre made ofcourse in a big pot. Have you ever noticed how most memes use that same font? not all the same size or with thinker or thinner outline but its almost always that same font. Most of the time its white in color, i guess becasue it stands out better than other colors.

Funny gordon ramsey memes above are:

Dish is so weak its making threats against the us and korea
Salad is so underdressed it makes paris hilton look classy
Dish is so hot frodo wants to chuck the ring in it
So much grease john travolta is in it
So much ginger its a weasly
So disgusting bear grylls wouldn’t eat it