Rapunzel Disney Tangled Wallpapers for Mobile 640×960

Disneys Tangled is the funny twisted fairytale-ish movie is a classic animated hit so here’s some tangled iphone wallpapers for mobile. Adapted from the fairy tale rapunzel with her extremely long golden hair meets flynn rider as he attempts to hide out in the tower she has been trapped in for years and from there it starts.

Disneys tangled mobile wallpapers 640×960 are a great addition to anyone’s phone that loves animated classics. If you haven’t seen the film then i encourage you to do so as it is a funny alternative take on rapunzel.

If you like funny cartoon animals then maximus the horse and pascal the chameleon lizard will keep you entertained with their antics throughout the movie. A family film with comedy and a fairy tale like feel that will become or already is a family favorite on the shelf. How long does she spend brushing that crazy long hair and why isn’t swinging on it a painful experience? Because its just a cartoon and you don’t need to read to much into it. If your concerned with things like that then you might wonder why a horse can take commands like a dog and why can a lizard use its tail to point?

Tangled wallpapers below:

maximus trailing
rapunzel eyebrows raised
pascal on a tree
free at last
tangled in hair
wanted posters
escaping from the tower
climbing the tower
cranky flynn
surrounded by hair
swinging on hair
pascal not ammused
ready for action
rapunzel smiling
not ammused again