Desktop Wii Wallpapers Of Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario Kart And Donkey Kong Country Returns

here’s some of the best wallpapers with everything from super star, wario kart, a toads collage, mario riding yoshi, donkey kong in the jungle and a mushroom collage of multi colour. Toad is a funny looking character who has been made more cute over the evolution of the video game titles, there’s even been many different colored toads added to the games.

Its an all round wii fan background set consisting of the most popular modern nintendo characters and screenshots from the games themselves. Here’s the best hi res nintendo wii backgrounds ive got my hands on also including donkeykong and mario kart. These will fully fill most desktop screens with ease and will maintain high quality when maximized to match the screen size.

If you ask for my opinion i will tell you that nintendo has kept most of its uniqueness and style throughout the years. Constantly bringing great new titles and improving on the old ones through new game revamps of old classics like my favourite zelda 🙂

Below we have the following hd super mario character wallpapers

Mario Kart Wii
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Galaxy 2
Yoshi flying over a world
Toad colours
Wario on mariokart
Gold star in the sky
Mushroom background