HD Supernatural Desktop Wallpapers 1920×1080 Sam and Dean

Supernatural is one of my favourite tv shows ever so when it came to adding hd supernatural wallpapers i chose them specially for you guys. So these backgrounds of sam winchester (jared padalecki), dean winchester (jensen ackles) and castiel (misha collins) are full hd (1920×1080) and i hope you enjoy them 🙂

Only 4 days left until it returns with the massive cliffhanger season 9 which left us with the angels falling from heaven including castiel. Right now everyone is waiting for October 8, 2013 to roll around for the premiere including myself. 🙂 Bring on the 8th of oct 2013 supernatural fans!

These just keep coming as the show will be having one more season before the shows end. I can’t imagine a world without sam and dean fighting ghosts and monsters to save the world. Im going to have to find a new show to get hooked on and for me its not an easy thing to find awesome shows like the beloved show.

Of course owning them all means i can always watch it whenever i like but its just not the same without new episodes being released. It will be like when stargate ended both sg1 and atlantis 🙁