HD Stargate sg1 Mobile Phone Wallpaper 1080×1920

Stargate sg1 mobile wallpapers in 1080×1920 hd are in very short supply as you would have likely noticed, we are really the only site (bar a small amount of images found elsewhere) that have them in 1080×1920 size.

Its kind of disheartening but at the same time good for us that this is the case as it allows us to take advantage of it and bring you these for any hd phone including android and ios.

What was done was some converting, chopping, changing and swapping of several sg1 pictures to bring you these stargate sg1 backgrounds. Some may be a little rough around the edges but there wasn’t a lot of wriggle room when it comes to making a 1080p wallpaper from a 1920×1080 image, in fact its almost impossible seeing they take up the exact same space just landscape and portrait.

Anyway please enjoy these stargate images selection of my absolute all time favorite tv show which i still actively watch today as i own every season of every series ever made.