HD Pokemon go Wallpapers for Mobile Phone 1920×1080

Cool full hd pokemon go wallpapers for mobile phones at 1920×1080, there’s 16 in total and some are quite cute. They cant all be screenshots of go however as that would get old pretty quick but everybody likes a funny win or fail situation. Pokemon go has taken the world by storm and never have people looked stranger walking around with their eyes on their phones. Its a pretty cool idea but the pokemon can and do end up in weird places.

So how far will people go to “catch them all?” Would they risk catching one in the middle of the road? Yes and chances are you have seen it happen already. Check out psyduck is the fry pan, i guess he wanted to be peeking duck. What if there’s a pokemon in your neighbors house? Ask them if you can come in and catch the thing? I think it could be abused and used as a way of a home invasion personally but its only early days and i think the statistics of pokemon go related crime and injury will unfold fairly quickly.

Forget all that for now and focus on the hd pokemon go mobile phone wallpapers made up of some art pieces and some go screenshots themselves of some strange and funny situations.

Some of the pokemon go wallpapers below