HD Garfield and Odie Wallpapers for Mobile Phone 1080×1920

I grew up with garfiled and got into him from a very good friend who would record the show that was on in the mornings before school. I remember by the time i cound out it was on it had stopped being shown so i used to borrow his vhs recordings of garfield and friends and borrow from the video rental shop.

In the past i had put up garfield desktop wallpapers so thought it would be time to do some hd garfield mobile wallpapers in 1080×1920. Theres a few inages on this page that are from the garfield selection.

Its hard to believe that our favorite cat has been around sonce 1978 which is 8 years before i was even born. Since then theres been movies, shows and more books then you could keep track of out there. I had a few games on my mobile phone that were somewhat ok but just failed to bring the feeling of the show and books to life as most cartoon games do.

Over the years it turned into an obsession and i started keeping anything garfield in newspapers and magazenes. Pictures comincs, articles and even buying anything garfield that i could afford at the time. Id even pinch page by page out of garfield books id borrow from the school library as a young kid.

Today i still enjoy watching the garfield show and garfield and friends as an adult but find garfields pet force to be ok rather than good. I still buy the ocasional garfield calander and have purchased a fair few garfield books, comics, figures and other things off of ebay.

If youre as much of a fan as i am then i hope you will enjoy these hd garfield wallpapers for mobile as much as i do.

Garfield and friends hd mobile wallpapers below

tired with coffee
being funny
minimal face
i love you
riding odie
mouse taxi
odie tongue
garfield selection
sayings mornings
sleeping and dreamming of sleeping
garfield show western
the movie
close up hates mondays
folded arms