HD Garfield and Friends Comic Desktop Wallpapers

Ever since i was a kid ive always loved garfield the cat so that’s why i made a section for hd garfield desktop wallpapers. Its not just the lazy cat himself there’s also odie, pooky and john as well as cartoon, 3d movie, comics and old school scenes too 🙂

He is awesome so dont forget you can use these wallpapers as timeline covers on facebook too. So please share them around and tell people where you got them from. 🙂 When i was young i collected all sorts of G things including tins, plush toys, pez dispensers, comic books, newspaper and magazine clippings.

My favorite book was the garfield selection, which is a book of color comics and full page pictures such as those you would find in the calendars. These such scenes also make great wallpapers. Garfield and friends was also a much loved show by me when i was young and would watch i all the time in the morning and id even borrow it from the video shop. In these he is doing what he does best, sleeping, watching tv and being generally funny with job and odie.

Even today i still like watching G and friends dvds, it reminds me of when i was a kid watching shows before school many years ago. If i see a cheap dvd il buy it on ebay or second hand on facebook or garage sale etc.