Free 240×320 And 320×480 Nokia Mobile Phone Wallpapers

If its nokia your after then that’s what we have here for you, ranging from all different designs and colors that have been made up quite well. There is also an animated one, its the logo with the water below it.

Here’s all your free nokia mobile phone wallpapers for 240×320 and 320×480, the category for the company lovers where you can download a great pic. Get them on your handset, share them or send them or whatever you like. Dont be shy, check out our other categories while your here as we really are a great site when it comes to graphics. No one likes the same phone background so download several and change them daily to your like and then come back for more again and again. there’s something for everyone on here and chances are when you next come back there will be even more so bookmark us today or tell your friends on facebook.

We have other Brand Cellphone Backgrounds as well including sony ericsson and alot more to choose from.