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Here’s a bunch of free cool HD computer desktop wallpapers i found while looking around. Check out the third one now that’s cool and pretty nice quality. My apologies but i dont stick to just one resolution because its not fair for people with different sized screens, widescreen for example. Some of the most sought after graphics are of course music wallpapers because everyone likes tunes and the backgrounds are usually quite amazingly designed pieces of work involving a lot of color and textures.

That third one of the glass notes is stunning, looks as though it was made using adobe photoshop and with a huge attention to detail in the clarity and shine.

The equalizer spectrum (music bars) are one of the most popular dominating the search when it comes to HQ music wallpapers searches. If you would like some for your cell phone then click this page here and see the variety of phone backgrounds including equalizers, dj and notes.

Im still carefully selecting some new beauties as i come across them, sorry about the lower then usual resolution on 2 of them.

Rock it out through your stereo system speakers, headphones or earphones with these background images of all things musical. Let the notes fly around the room, crank the volume up on high and watch the spectrum go wild.
Below are what i consider to be the best music wallpapers around