Free Cool Colorful Artistic Music Mobile Wallpapers

A brilliant assortment of some cool artistic music mobile phone wallpapers here, every category has some sort of artistic abstract design in it and here’s this category. Whether its an old school cassette tape, funky colors, notes or massive speakers you will find them here in all there coolism. Yes i just invented that word and im coining it hehe so if it doesn’t exist im copyrighting it lol. Tell me someone who doesn’t like tunes out there, that’s why this topic is one of the most searched for when it comes to cell phone backgrounds and i have the data to prove it too.

As ive said previously, colourful music wallpapers for mobile mostly contain an abstract element to them and have a great degree of colour. Take a look at the swirls, colours and even somewhat rough backgrounds behind the pics and you will see that they aren’t one straight piece. Speakers with butterflies on them, a lot of bright coloured swirls and an abstract feel equals what we have here.

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