Free Mobile Phone Wallpapers Sports Cars 240×320 320×480

Have a look at these free mobile phone wallpapers of sports cars that you can download right to your phone or pc. Cars are something anyone can admire, the shape, the design and the class built around a beautiful machine is something of beauty. Today i have 3 pages of sports cars mobile phone wallpapers for anyone interested in cars on their phone screen or maybe to send to someone that loves fast cars.

Just dont go thinking that because there’s a speedometer on your screen that you should go and speed and risk other peoples lives while showing off. These backgrounds are not here to encourage people to drive unsafely, they are here to provide something nice to look at when your using your handset. That being said im adding an animated speedometer to the page shortly which is a great novelty and very impressive.

there’s also another one that shows an image of the faster you drive the more likely you are to end up as what that image is. Its a great reminder and very reassuring to me that you won’t go getting stupid just because you’ve got a speedo on your screen and may actually think while looking at the progressive injury wallpapers.

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