Free Mobile Phone Wallpapers 240×320 320×480 Patterns

Check out the These are some nice pattern mobile phone wallpapers that are free to download to your cell phone for a nice feel with a simple look. Once again there’s abstracts and textures with a few basic line drawing types as well. The leopard skin one isn’t too shabby but not really my type of background, a guy shouldn’t have that on his phone lol. I actually made the brick wall one which still needs a bit of work but its not to bad on smaller screens, might have to make a high res one later on.

Simple texture backgrounds are sometimes a better choice to show behind icons on the phone screen. Then setting something more exciting on the lock screen which isn’t obstructed by any apps etc.

So many abstract graphics with swirls, lines, glow and arcs to select from if you like simplicity rather than a lot going on in an image.