Free Mobile Phone Wallpapers 240×320 320×480 Of Patterns

Really nice patterns free mobile phone wallpapers consisting of a heap of blue and some textures in there as well, that light blue and dark blue squares one is awesome hey? Never noticed it before but that first one has an alien in it lol, might remove it hmm we will see. Row 2 last image is the best, that purple curved line on im talking about i like abstract things like that.

Some people like simple images rather that more distracting wallpapers on their cell phones which is cool because icons for apps can cover up more complex graphics and it becomes annoying. What you can do is use simple patterns and textures for the main screens and use a more detailed one for the lock screen instead.

Patterns Mobile Phone Wallpapers

18 simplistic pattern wallpapers designs with deep non intrusive colors for mobile phones with smaller displays. Dont forget to check out the other 2 pages below if these styles suit your liking.