Free Mobile Phone Wallpapers 240×320 Patterns

A very colorful selection of patterns and textures free mobile phone wallpapers with a huge variety in 240×320 and 320×480 size. Some are like what you would see on a wall in a house from the 70s lol, dont quite mind some of them tho. There are a couple of abstract ones in here as well because they also can be considered patterns.

More swirls, more lines for 240×320 320×480 devices if these are your thing. Im not really into this type of thing, i like many different colors in an image and something warm feeling.
Patterns Mobile Wallpapers

There are some nice images that are free to download to give it an old school house wall covering look. there’s also a few other pages listed below that contain more of these if you want to check them out while you are here.