Free Mobile 480 x 800 Background Images Abstract Blue Color

Below we have some 480 x 800 abstract, neon, colorful, finding nemo, water, smoke, butterfly and flower background images Anyone who loves finding nemo can get nemo and dory on their handset with the one below.

For those of you who know me know that i love neon mobile wallpapers, well any neon image at i i suppose. I also love anything technicolour, i’m not too fond of the technicolor butterfly image below.

I think it lacks brightness and a few colour variants could have been used a bit better. Anything with colored rays of light always makes a nice non intrusive background that doesn’t distract you from what your doing while still brightening up the screen on your device.

These 480×800 wallpapers will work on the phones listed below and many more that have a 480 x 800 sized screen. that’s not to say they won’t work fine on other size screens but there is a chance it may look stretched and squashed. Use these graphics and you like, they are jpg and png so you can use them for whatever picture projects you like when you need images.

Below We Have

Blue black neon wave
multi colored circles burst
water in a pool
color light rays
finding nemo and dory
neon blue cartoon glow
neon flower blue and green
lone red flower
strange abstract
technicolor butterfly
blue water