High Definition Mobile Phone Wallpapers 720×1280 hd

A fresh batch we have put together containing 720×1280 resolution mobile phone wallpapers for you to use on your hd screens. We are exited to be one of the first few websites offering these as the hd screens are just beginning to make it onto the market and the affordability is still out of the average persons reach at this time. Im eager to hear how they work on non hd screens say for example if they were used on a screen at 360×640 which is exactly half of the hd format making it qhd or quarter hd.

Over time these have become more and more widely used amongst many devices now on the market that are available to the average joe. These backgrounds are what you would call half hd or 720p but can still be used on the full high def screens, they will just be a bit less sharp. Dont let that stop you though as they are still quite nice to look at on cellphones that dont have the exact same resolution as most handsets will automatically adjust the image to suit or even allow you to chose the portion of the image that you would like to use as the wallpaper..

720×1280 hd wallpapers compatible models

Samsung Galaxy A5
Lenovo A7000
Apple iPhone 6
Xiaomi Redmi 2
Samsung Galaxy S3 III
Sony Xperia S