Free Golf Cell Phone Wallpapers For Your Mobile

Hey golf fans (me included). Add these free golf mobile phone wallpapers onto your own cell phone and show off your golf love. Golf ah what a sport, the scenic surrounding, the wildlife, the water and those amazing shots with incredible accuracy.

Golf truly is a sport of patience, not just for the player but also for the fans too with many people disliking golf for the lack of action and adrenaline. People see golf as a skill less sport which is very untrue, they prefer sports like football etc which in my mind is a sport of strength not brains (oh and im not talking about soccer btw)

I while back i did a page on the augusta nation golf course and its beautiful scenery. This year during the start of the masters the page took off like ive never seen before and stayed that way for the duration of the event.

I should have taken the opportunity to beef up these outdated golf wallpapers for mobile and add some more as there’s only a few right now. Oh well i guess il be prepared for the masters next year folks.

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Below we have

ball at hole
green hole
dubai course
teeing off
hole and flag
the green with ball close up
beautiful course scenery
ball in the grass
funny face on a ball