Free Desert Scenes Mobile Phone Wallpapers 240×320 And 320×480

Desert mobile wallpapers provide a warm colorful feel while showing off another side of natures beauty. Amazing patterns carved out by the wind in an ever changing direction creating ripples throughout the sand. Seeing these images makes me want to surf down those sand dune mountainous hills on a piece of cardboard a few dozen times. I always find it weird seeing a body of water, a desert lake type body of water in the middle of the desert especially with the massive amount of heat during the day and the massive temperature drops during the night.

The clear white sand, the orange bright sand, the mini mountains of rock and sand, even the grass and shrubs that grow in those harsh conditions provide a visual wonderland for the mobile screen.

So why not get an alternative nature wallpaper on your screen, we have over a dozen varying desert scenes to choose from below including

desert mountains
wild horse
grassy shrubs
desert sand wind blown patters
desert moon
lone tree
dried wood

My favorite desert scene below would have to be the second last one, consisting of dried wood. My reasons for liking this wallpaper are that its a bright scene with a mini rock mountain in the background, blue sky and orange sand. A beautiful photo indeed combining mostly earthy colours with an amazing balance or foreground and background visuals.