Free Cell Phone 480 x 800 Background of Water, Colors, Abstract

These 480 x 800 cell phone backgrounds will work on the devices listed below and many more that have a this sized screen. that’s not to say they won’t work fine on other size screens but there is a chance it may look stretched and squashed.

After buying a new aquarium with some neon tetras im going to have to say my favourite is the underwater coral scene mobile wallpaper. The tank sits on my dining table all glowed up with a light, plants and bubbles coming up from the 8 neons swimming around while i eat dinner. My next favorites would be the three digital computer generated lighter flame water, tornado in a glass of water and the water flame candle.

That one of the water drops sitting on the green leaves of a plant is a great one to as im a photographer and love seeing wallpapers of plants like that one there. These images can be used for anything you would like, pictures to email someone of pics for a project.

Below We Have

water glass tornado
water candle flame
darth vadar hiphop dark side
water drop green plant leaves
digital lighter flame water
neon color love hearts
coloured circles
purple haze rays
underwater plant bubbles
under water aquarium scene
snow cap mountains lake
abstract slashed green and yellow