Free Sports And Luxury Cars Mobile Phone Wallpapers 240×320 320×480

Here’s a heap of 240×320 and 320×480 cars mobile wallpapers for your cellphone if they’re your thing. Theres everything from sports to luxury with some very pricey models indeed. Can’t say il ever be able to get one in the near future short of winning the jackpot lol but you never know hey. Look at the fifth one not sure if its a real design or a concept model that will never be released, that’s just the manufacturers showing off what they can do.

If fast and luxurious automobile’s are your thing then you may just like these fast car wallpapers for mobile. there’s not a lot of them but the quality of the actual background is much higher than the preview images.

The last one is an animated bmw logo, most phones support screen savers, lock screen images that animate so try it and see if it works on your device.

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