Free Angry Birds Iphone 4 Wallpapers Mobile Phone Wallpapers 640×960

These guys have taken the world by storm becoming incredibly popular in gaming devices. So here’s a whole heap of angry birds iphone 4 and other mobile phone wallpapers for you fans of the birds in 640×960 screen resolution. All up there’s are 33 backgrounds for you to chose from or have them all 🙂

Over the years there have been a lot of shows and games developed for the franchise ranging from 3ds, playstation to tablets and mobile phones. These are designed for the iphone 4 and any other device that allows custom wallpapers in a 640×960 resolution. Technically these can be used on any screen but the resolution will be the thing that defines how they will look, etc stretched or just right depending on screen size.

You may have heared that angry birds 2 and an angry birds arcade machine are very much in the works for the very near future. The arcade machine is a must see at 8 foot with a 55 inch screen and is developed by play mechanix who have made some very popular titles in the past including terminator.

The angry birds wallpapers for iphone below are as follows

big red george
big brother bird
boomerang bird
blue birds
tiny white egg
the mighty eagle
splitter blue bird
king pig
maching yellow bird
socko bomb black