Free 480×800 Mobile Wallpapers on Your Phone

These will work on the devices listed below and many more that have a 480 x 800 sized screen. that’s not to say they won’t work fine on other size screens but there is a chance the picture may look stretched and squashed.

here’s some of the best 480×800 wallpapers around today, not to mention they span several pages long (12 infact). 480×800 screens are bit, bright and clear so why not make the most of it and get a good design going on your screen. If your like me you change your background very often so download a few and keep them on your phone until your ready to change to something new.

That pink and colorful tree one is awesome and the colorful glass cubes one is aswell, that’s the kind of image i like to see on a phone screen. I dont know about they eye one though i think it would freak me out having a huge eye looking at me all the time lol. Just because your model isn’t listed below in the list doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have the right sized screen, you will just have to try and see how it goes. It may be perfect or off by a few pixels which is nothing to worry about at all. I think bubbles always make a great visual experience, if you like bubbles there’s quite a few floating around our website (not literally lol)

Im going to add a few more to each page to bring it up to about 20 images per page, just to give a few more options and add a bit more content to the category. I guess the more there is on the page the longer it takes to load on a mobile internet browser but who cares seeing data caps are very affordable these days through telco companies and the download speed on mobile internet isn’t too bad at all.

A good collection of 480 x 800 mobile wallpapers containing mostly colorful images for your phone.

What we have below:

Colored hair
color cubes
multicolored bubbles
cartoon frog
pink tree
black and white cubes
i love you elephant
dark and light blue stripes