Free 480×800 Cellphone Wallpapers

This 480×800 cellphone wallpapers page has rainbow wood, green orange water drops, abstract, neon white, floral set and water drops. I like the first one the best, especially the tiny white squares. there’s a really nice 3 wallpaper floral set below with 3 different scenes you might lie. The first wallpaper and last are my favorite on this page, the rest are definitely great as well.

The green and orange moisture drops one makes me thirsty so i might grab a drink while writing this. That coloured fence paling wood type image is a nice bright and colorful one to brighten things up. I think the floral set of 3 similar wallpapers will be the most popular wallpapers on this page for the ladies.

Its all about the abstract wallpapers on this page, with most of these being just that. They are easy on they eyes, non intrusive, swirl and neon based graphics with a bit of a glow.

Below We Have

blue light white swirls
coloured brick wall
dark blue and black water drops
floral scene 1
floral scene 2
floral scene 3
colorful fence palings
abstract pink something
glow haze
green floral
green orange drops
blue orange abstract swirls