Free 480×800 Cellphone Backgrounds

Below we have some abstract, rainbow, bubbles, colourful giraffes, neon and colored puzzle backgrounds in 480×800 size.

These will work on the phones listed below and many more that have a 480 x 800 sized screen. that’s not to say they won’t work fine on other size screens but there is a chance it may look stretched and squashed.

The best one i like here is that colorful puzzle piece one, which is something different from most you see on other sites. That bright green almost neon glow one that swirls and swishes bottom left is an excellent one too, non intrusive but still very appealing to look at. The light, dark and very dark blue checkers wallpaper is a great one with a lot of different textures in it. I love those coloured bubbles wallpapers and the one below is great except one thing, i would have rather preferred if the person that made it had used something different other then a black cold style background that doesn’t really brighten up the screen and give off a warm feel.

What we have below:

Cold styled glass / ice looking bubbles
glass glow
pretty cool looking silver dots pattern
cool blue checker consisting of several shaded of blue
pink and purple cartoon giraffes
red orange glow
awesome green swish and swirl
glowing blue rings
cool colorful glass puzzle pieces
colored bubbles on black background
pale green white glow
rainbow color streams