Free 480×800 cell phone wallpapers of cartoons, birds and animals

These will work on the phones listed below and many more that have a 480 x 800 sized screen. That’s not to say they won’t work fine on other size screens but there is a chance it may look stretched and squashed.

Here’s more 480×800 mobile wallpapers for you, consisting of a lot of animals including birds cartoon owls, a flower and butterflies etc. Was a coincidence that this page ended up with a lot of animals etc.

That milk carton rocket ship is pretty cool and interesting and definitely different from what you usually see with cellphone backgrounds today. That’s what its all about isn’t it? having something quirky and different that sets you apart from other people and their wallpapers that all seem to be the same. I haven’t seen that cartoon owl movie in the 3rd wallpaper from the left but i will watch it eventually, doesn’t really help that i have no idea what its even called hay makes it a little difficult to find.

These pics don’t have to be used on phones, you could use these pictures for any image based idea. Use them as graphics in a design project or anything else you can think of that uses jpg and png images.

Below We Have

Blue butterfly in a green jungle background
cartoon movie of a dog, birds and other animals
cartoon owl movie
lion close up face
cute baby bird
absolutely no idea what those are
yellow garden flower weed
love heart blue earth
milk carton rocket ship
three cute baby birds