Fallout 3 New Vegas Wallpaper For Mobile Iphone 640×960

To celebrate the coming of Bethesdas fallout 4 on the 10th of november this year ive put together a heap of fantastic fallout wallpapers for mobile in 640×960 resolution for the phone and other phones that use this resolution.

Im currently pottering around the wasteland in fallout new vegas, carefully chosing my path of charity while at the same time stealing some very nice weapons to help me on my quest at the same time. With my own, rex and veronicas total carry weight holding enough loot to not only maintain existing weapon condition but also provide me with some serious trading money at the next point of trade.

So stock up on nuka cola quantum, good condition amour, take a thumbs up from vault boy and get ready for these fallout mobile wallpapers and fallout iphone backgrounds on your phone while we wait for one of the most anticipated games of the year.

These iphone 640×960 fallout wallpapers consist of a considerable amount of cool game art created by fans and graphic artists alike. So share these pics with people that will appreciate a nice image of a really great franchise.

Fallout wallpapers for mobile below:

nuka cola
3 amour
vault boy
new vegas
vb head
vault boy red thumbs up
nuka cola art
vault boys art
purple nuka cola
new vegas dice
nuka cola quantum
vb again
more nuka
fallout 3 title
vault boy gun