Facebook Timeline Covers 851×315

A new facebook timeline cover photo is like a makeover for your profile so here’s a little selection of them for you. These are sized to 851×315 as stated by fb as being the resolution of the picture so they will not be stretched etc. Everybody likes a fresh change to their fb timeline and a nice image , so grab one and set it as your new time line cover or save them in your photos for another time.

They say a change is as good as a holiday and that’s why i make it a point to change up mine on my, pages or groups header once and a while.

851×315 backgrounds for facebook can be a unique way to add life to your dated profile while staying relevant and fresh. Many people choose to use photos of themselves or places they have visited as their graphics and some prefer things like quotes or their favorite tv shows.

These fit perfect and snugg in the space on your profiles because they are the exact size that the cover space is which is 851×315. ANything larger than that can look ok but as you get bigger the image starts to look distorted.

The Facebook Timeline Covers Above Are:

wind surfing 851×315
welcome to my life
scooby doo
the joker
neon water
life signs heart
ice age sid
palm tree
perfect match
dancing girl neon
christmas snowman
blue neon squares
beautiful world
loading again