Meboy roms emulator nds neonds dualis desmume no$gba whinecube psp visualboy advanceEmulators: Snes, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Psp, Playstation 2, Nintendo Ds Emulation Roms

For those of you who don’t know what emulators are, they are a program that allows you to play a console game on your pc. For example you can play a nintendo 64 game on your pc using an emulator. A console game is called a rom when its for an emulator.

These are some common emulators you may have heard of: ideas neonds dualis desmume no$gba are all nintendo ds emulators. These dolphin dolwin gcube gcemu whinecube are all nintendo gamecube emulators. Meboy is a gameboy colour emu for mobile phones supporting java. Project64 and nemu64 are nintendo 64 emu’s. The most popular for the snes is snes9x and zsnes while the sega line consists of gens and yabause. The sony psp consists of potemkin while the gameboy advance one is called visualboy advance.

There is no emulator out there that is 100% perfect, an emulator emulates the environment in which a rom needs to work. Some emulators are . better then others but over time usually a newer version is fixed. Most times its to fix the bugs (problems/ glitches). Other times its to add support for more newer video cards. Over time patches are released for the emulator. These are as i said above, to fix the problems with the emulator. The newer the emulator the faster the computer needs to be. For example:

If you wanted to play a gameboy emulator on your pc you would not need a faster computer.