Despicable me 2 HD Minions Wallpapers for Fesktop 1920×1080

One of the funniest animated movies of the last few years is despicable me and despicable me 2. People love the little minions each with their own personality and look, so its no wonder why people come here for these wallpapers for their desktop in full 1920×1080 hd resolution. The movie wouldn’t be the same without these little yellow workers and their goggles doing all sorts of weird things throughout the movie. The franchise has created tons of fans of the animated classic and will continue the trend when the next movie is released, if there is a number 3 in the series.

I love how the minions speak their own little language but on a rare occasion can say things like banana etc. Despicable me 2 has become one of my favorite animated movies of all time and im going to be adding some mobile minion backgrounds for phones soon to go with the rest of the animation wallpapers we have. Desktop hintergrund hd means desktop background hd in german and hintergrundbilder means wallpaper 🙂