Cod7 Call of Duty Black Ops Desktop Wallpapers 7

Hers some pc desktop wallpapers of call of duty black ops (cod 7). Its probably one of the best games ever released. We here at techagesite are very excited about the release off battlefield 3 and modern warefare 3. Especially modern warefare 3, which i still play all the time. Not everybody is happy about the inclusion and exclusion of some perks and weapons in modern ware fare 3.

My personal favorites would have to be the danger close perk, scavenger, c4 and rpg. Without them i just dont think the game would be as fun and id find myself lost without them. Anyway i really hope they fix the servers a bit better as im getting sick of hearing cannot migrate host etc. Also the time it takes to be booted for inactivity is a kick in the ass as i like to got for a quick smoke between some games when playing on xbox live.

there’s nothing like throwing a danger close block of c4 into a room and getting a multi kill lol. I tend to stay away from noob tubes and i dont consider the rpg one as it doesn’t fire straight. i hate those fools that sit somewhere, change their kit to get more tubes and keep shooting them. now that’s an idiot for you.