Beautiful Mountain Lake HD Nature Desktop Wallpapers 1920×1080

Welcome to the hd nature desktop wallpapers page in 1920×1080 where you can find beautiful wallpapers of mountains, snow, fields, lakes, rivers, sunsets, green trees and some hungry cows. Get some of the outdoors fresh air on your screen with these all natural high definition backgrounds of the wild. Some of the best scenery is fields and snow covered mountains with a reflective lake at the bottom and maybe an animal or two grazing on some grass or something in the background. Of course blue sky and green grass go well on high def displays because the colors are so crisp and clean.

Its always been about the sharp colors and warm scenes for me when it comes to choosing a wilderness scene for desktop displays. Still water without a bit of wind rippling the water so that the hills reflect, it pretty much creates a mirror image of the setting but upside down.

Beautiful Nature Desktop Wallpapers Below Are:

river snow
banff nation park
forest river
grazing cows
glacier national park montana
beautiful waterfall
lake reflections