Banjo Kazooie Wallpapers HD Nuts and Bolts and Nintendo 64

Banjo kazooie wallpapers for desktop are one of my personal favourites as i am a big fan of the bk and have been since i first played it on the nintendo 64 many years ago. I used to love collecting jiggy puzzle pieces, getting turned into something by mumbo jumbo and looking around the house. Now there’s been many banjo kazooie games released like nuts and bolts for example, which is a nice game with a bit of a new type of character added to it. Dont forget some of the wallpapers are in hd like the treasure cove one for example.

You may not know but these games go back to the days of the gameboy plus more after that on different consoles.

I love these so much that i have a board on pinterest for banjo kazooie. If something means that much to me than you can find it on my pinterest. Il also be making up some on there for mobile phones too.

Soon im going to play tooie again and relive the excitement of that game.

If you are into emulators then you might be interested to know that some clever people have gone and made hd texture packs for banjo kazooie and tooie that you can use with the nintendo 64 emulator for pc.

Below we have the bk nintendo 64 game cover, a christmas scene and plenty of great screenshots. Theres not many full hd wallpapers in 1920×1080 but im going to add more.

If you wan to relive the awesome catchy theme song than heres the Banjo Kazooie Intro Theme Song on youtube.