Awesome Minecraft HD Desktop Wallpapers 1080p Backgrounds 1920×1080

The game has exploded in popularity and skins and mods are being created all the time for the modern take on pixelation game. Some players have created some amazing worlds and structures like the ones i have listed below in 1080p. If a mobile phone is more your thing then we always have a whole heap of mobile wallpapers for minecraft that you can check out These are full hd 1920×1080 and make great backgrounds for your desktop. Some of these castles and houses are just great and i love the rv the best because im a combi van fan 🙂

If a world of green bricks and a pick axe is your thing then im sure these hd minecraft desktop wallpapers in a crispy 1920×1080 (1080p) will be right up your alley. there’s some fantastic structures and other designs being created out there and we have brought you a bit of the action right here.