android hd mobile phone wallpapers 1080×1920

Android wallpapers for mobile phone in a crispy 1080×1920 full hd resolution for people that like the funky robot logo. The android operating system has made quite a splash on phones and tablets and has had many different versions released. These arent all pro andy but also there’s some pro apple ios ones mixed into here as well as you can see.

Andy the robot is back with a good sized collection of wallpapers for android fans alike. Hes cute and green and comes in all sorts of candy, ice cream flavors and he keeps getting better. He loves his costumes, hates apple ios and wouldn’t mind a female andy robot to sit in the grass or rocket off into space with.

Google devices keep getting better with more and more updates and if you are a crazy fan the make sure you get all these full hd wallpapers as your lock screen.