720×1280 android wallpapers for mobile phone

Android wallpapers for mobile phones 720×1280 of all different things that will look great on your cellphone. 720×1280 wallpapers are a good standard in phone screen sizes as there are many devices out there with this half hd display that are fairly affordable.

There’s a great macro shot of the forest floor with some small plants coming up, macro is a close up shot of something with the background blurred. This is usually done with flowers and other types of plants.

I really love the 5th android mobile wallpaper of the colored butterfly on the green plant that looks like the old msn logo. Tied second is the flame girl and the multi color mushrooms but i like them all and that’s why i put them together in this backgrounds set.

Theses nothing like good hd mobile phone wallpapers with a good design of color and subject. A lot of backgrounds these days are abstract or some sort which is cool but you want some variety and color on your phones display once and a while.

Im a sucker for warm colors amd tend to steer clear of dark images myself but i can still appreciate a nicely made graphic especially if its sharp and has some sort of neon color somewhere throuh it. For example the android rocket shit white lines on a purple background and the light flame woman are close to a neon look so i quite enjoy those 2 wallpapers.

Android mobile wallpapers below

colored beach shacks
apple dice abstract
android logo
macro forest floor
neon butterfly colors
love heart cube
colored paint splash
bokeh circles
glowing mushrooms
flame girl
android rocket
superman symbol
neon glow pink purple
macro grass
fractal flowers
cute trex