1920×1080 Funny Backgrounds Hilarious Wallpapers for Desktop

Hilarious wallpapers for desktop dont come much better then these 1920×1010 backgrounds. Ive put together some of the most funny images around that are sure to get a chuckle out of you or whoever sees them on your desktop screen. Some are true, some are wrong and some are just plain crazy offensive as we like them 🙂 Something funny to do is to set them on someone else’s computer screen before you leave and just wait and see what their reaction is.

Grumpy cat, yelling cat, 404 error, brain use it, did it all for the wookie, flashing banana, kiwi fruit, bag of shark, eating cereal meme guy, t. rex, you wouldn’t download a car, caution this is sparta, good better perfect fine too joke.

Images usually get hidden away by icons on my screen so using anything delicate isn’t the best idea for me personally. 1920×1080 full hd images can be set on any pc and still look pretty much ok unless you are using an old square monitor, but seriously who would be.