iphone 4 Hot Babe Wallpapers of Sexy Chicks 640×960

I call this the holy shit pack lol, consisting of a whopping 26 iphone 4 babe wallpapers. These are 640×960 but will work to some point on a 320×480 iphone screen. These are some of the highest quality hot sexy chick iphone 4 backgrounds for mobiles with a 640 x 960 screen resolution. Get these hot sexy girl backgrounds on your iphone screen today for free and keep a few to mix them up from time to time. there’s 26 so that should keep you going for some time and you can always get an app that changes your wallpaper on a set time frame to your liking. if you love big breasts and nice round bums then you will love these attractive woman backgrounds for iphones and any phone with 640×960 screens.

Sexy iphone wallpapers below:

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