Stargate sg1 teal’c firing turret wallpaper

This pictures of teal’c from stargate sg1 my favourite show i took from the dvd itself. Its a great pic of teal’c in battle mode protecting sg1 from a jaffa ready to use a turret on them. Teal’c is one of the best actors out there and stargate would not be the same without teal’c on the team. Stargate atlantis is also my favourite show as it is stargate really.

Ill be adding more pictures soon that you can use as wallpapers and they will all be this full size good quality images. stargate sg1 teal’c firing turret picture teal’c is a legend in SCI FI good guys. Also a extremely skilled warrior with a lifetime of training. Teal’c is much older than a earth human because the jaffa live a lot longer than a human. Keep tuned in for more stargate sg1 teal’c pictures.

Stargate sg1 the ark of truth also with Teal’c wallpaper

The movie that ends stargate season 10 the ark of truth is certainly an ending alright. The movie is sg1 consisting also of Teal’c and Vala sees sg1 on the search for the ark of truth, which is a box type artifact that when used will make nearby people see the truth and not lies imposed on them by in this case the Ori. Not knowing if that weapon sg1 sent through the super gate the the Ori home galaxy had any affect, they decide to search for the ark of truth. The weapon of course did work but did not kill Adria, the Ori daughter of Vala.

This left all the combined powers of the Ori channeled into Adria, leaving her super powerful. So powerful that it seem inevitable that she would rule the universe. But sg1 finds a way to activate the ark of truth which turns all the followers of the Ori to see the truth about what they are.

A quick distraction on Valas part let Daniel just scrape in ending the password and Teal’c with his weapon fire knocked the ark open. This leaves Adria with limited power making it easy for Morgan Lafei to take Adria on as they are both ancients. lucky the ark worked because Adria was going after the Ancients. There is talk of another stargate sg1 movie continuing on in some way from the season ten and also season 11. Whether or not this is true or not i can’t tell you but i can sure hope to see more of stargate sg1 including Teal’c and Vala.