Twitter Headers And Background Covers 1500x500

If you use twitter a lot then you are most likely getting sick of your old twitter cover and change it regularly to something new and fresh. that's why i thought it would be good if here at techagesite we started a section for covers for twitter users who like to update often. Just click on a image to see the full resolution version, save it and then set it as your new twitter background image. Twitter headers work best at a resolution of 1500x500 pixels as recommended by twitter, so that's the size we use for these. that's all there is to it and visit often to see the new stuff we have going.

The Twitter Header Covers Below Are:

  • cartoon caterpillar
  • beautiful white flowers
  • world countries abstract
  • sunflowers sunset
  • sky line city
  • road not taken
  • motivational succeed
  • micky mouse
  • man woman geek
  • macro plants close up
  • macro close up mushroom
  • love exclamation mark
  • i owe you one wallpaper
  • halo master chief
  • game of thrones
  • dot pattern pink white blue
  • dog drawing cool
  • color bars tv signal
beautiful white flowers twitter covers 1500x500
world countries abstract twitter header 1500x500
sunflowers sunset twitter header 1500x500
sky line city twitter header cover 1500x500
road not taken twitter backgrounds 1500x500
motivational twitter covers succeed 1500x500
mickey mouse twitter background 1500x500
man woman geek twitter header covers 1500x500
macro plants close up headers 1500x500
macro close up mushroom twitter background 1500x500
love exclamation mark headers 1500x500
i owe you 1 wallpaper twitter cover 1500x500
halo master chief twitter covers 1500x500
game of thrones twitter cover 1500x500
dot pattern pink white blue twitter header 1500x500
dog drawing cool twitter background 1500x500
color bars tv signal twitter header 1500x500